278. Nineties.

leather jacket/ vintage -old                      boots/ MANGO premium collection           denim/ ROBERT SEVER 


Hi guys. 
For today's look I wanted to make a base with this white printed tee and keep that grunge vibe. 
The printed t-shirts are a huge trend right now, but we all  kids from the  nineties know what that era means to us. Started from music of that time to fashion and  lifestyle -  I don't want to talk about political part of it . 
We passed it already. 
With every season fashion brings to us something new and something old. 
 And what happens now is that we can relive it again.  Back in the nineties our mothers wore blazers and jackets with wide shoulders, leather biker jackets, relaxed jeans  and Levi's 501, small kitten heels on the shoes and so on. But we were kids then and we wore everything that our parents wanted for us to wore. There's no need to explain what it was like.
And today we can experience the nineties fashion in our way. Isn't that great?

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  1. Biker jakna je uvek odličan izbor. Pohvale za post! :)

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    1. da, biker jakna uvijek i na sve ako se mene pita!
      hvala ti!

  2. Great outfit! I love your jacket and you styled it perfectly!




  3. You look amazing in this style