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Numéro Netherlands 2021.



ladylike @prestarrs

 There's nothing better than online shopping these days.

 One thing  I like the most are coats, and when everything is closed there is still one item that will make you feel great and stylish at the same time. I'm talking about the coat. Coats are my favorite item for winter days, I like them in every version but, this season I like them long, dark colored and ladylike. I have three options for you here and they are amazing. 


good shape @feelingGirl

 Say hello to New Year with high hopes that this year will start better and that we all feel better with the upcoming days. We can say that one thing marked the last year, and we all know that it's a lockdown. We stay in our houses, had movie marathons, eat great food and sweets, and now comes time to get back in shape. Yes , I'm also like the most of you and don't like workout or I like to say I never have enough time to start my workout. I believe you heard about Feelingirl waist trainer, so today I will tell you more about some of their products that could become your companion when you decide to start workout or you just want to upgrade your existing collection. 

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