277. Damaged hoodie .

boots/ ZARA              jeans/ZARA


I told you once before that hoodies are not my type of clothes, but once in a while I also like to wear something so comfortable and don't think on anything else. 
Today was that kind of the day. 
I wake up and conclude that I have something to do but nothing so  important that hoodie can not stand. 
Also I like how it looks damaged with  a small holes , it look like a great unusual detail.
And when the first part of the outfit looks like you didn't want to waste the time on thinking what goes together, the second part is also simple. Mum jeans in relaxed version and favorite ankle boots in green color also. And that's it. 

2 komentara:

  1. Super outfit!
    Jako mi se sviđa :)


  2. outfit mi se jako svida a ti si tako divnaa <3