211. Statement necklace.

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A few days ago I've got this statement necklace from Zaful, and as you all maybe know that I'm not a jewelry kind of person this was some kind of challenge to me. Maybe it sounds silly , but I really like to leave it simple more than put everything on me no matter how 'must' it is in the moment. 
But this kind of necklace really got me , maybe because of that gypsy vibe, I don't know. If you love this kind of  jewelry or something simple be sure to take a look to Zaful's online shop for more. 

I also discovered the Lack of Color brand , which made awesome hats, and something that I like the most are hats with the strong brim. And these hats are just amazing, made of 100% Australian wool, and fits perfectly. I made an order instantly and I didn't disappointed, the hats are so great that I want the whole collection. 

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