It's been a while since my last post about beauty essentials I use. I decided to post every week about my beauty products , give you my review and maybe help to someone to decide what and what to not buy. These posts are not sponsored unless otherwise noted. 
So , I'm not a makeup freak, but from time to time I love to buy some new products that I think I'll know how to put on my face in the right way. 
That 's the story from last week when I bought this AURA PRIME ME primer. I love this primers because it gives you softer and brighter skin immediately. You can use it as a foundation primer or as itself . I think this is for all of you with a normal to dry skin because it's based on water. And that's the thing I like the most , actually I like every product based on water. 
It really gives your face freshness and the price is too cool to be true, you can find it in Croatian cosmetic store Kozmo for about 40 kn or 5,5 euros. And for all of you not based in Croatia here's the link of Aura cosmetic where you can check all of their offer .  www.aura.co.rs

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