212. My black heart.

subota, 27. kolovoza 2016.

shoes/ZARA      bag/ZARA       tee/ZARA -here        sunglasses/CELINE        skirt/ASOS -here

I'm so glad that summer is almost over . I can't wait for all that soft knitwear, big coats, boots and all that autumn-winter stuff. This skirt is one of it, but I decide to wear it now also but with my simple black tee. This all black outfits are my favorite, I just feel good in it . 
I ordered this skirt from Asos last week , they're have such a big offer but I decide for this one that looks like it's made of some rough material and one other which looks smoothly. You'll see it in some of my next posts. I have so many outfits in my head with this skirts. 
I told you , I can't wait for autumn. 


petak, 26. kolovoza 2016.

It's been a while since my last post about beauty essentials I use. I decided to post every week about my beauty products , give you my review and maybe help to someone to decide what and what to not buy. These posts are not sponsored unless otherwise noted. 
So , I'm not a makeup freak, but from time to time I love to buy some new products that I think I'll know how to put on my face in the right way. 
That 's the story from last week when I bought this AURA PRIME ME primer. I love this primers because it gives you softer and brighter skin immediately. You can use it as a foundation primer or as itself . I think this is for all of you with a normal to dry skin because it's based on water. And that's the thing I like the most , actually I like every product based on water. 
It really gives your face freshness and the price is too cool to be true, you can find it in Croatian cosmetic store Kozmo for about 40 kn or 5,5 euros. And for all of you not based in Croatia here's the link of Aura cosmetic where you can check all of their offer .  www.aura.co.rs

211. Statement necklace.

srijeda, 24. kolovoza 2016.

skirt/ASOS -here    boots/ZARA    bag/ZARA      hat/LACK OF COLOR -here     necklace/ZAFUL -here     shirt/STRADIVARIUS

A few days ago I've got this statement necklace from Zaful, and as you all maybe know that I'm not a jewelry kind of person this was some kind of challenge to me. Maybe it sounds silly , but I really like to leave it simple more than put everything on me no matter how 'must' it is in the moment. 
But this kind of necklace really got me , maybe because of that gypsy vibe, I don't know. If you love this kind of  jewelry or something simple be sure to take a look to Zaful's online shop for more. 

I also discovered the Lack of Color brand , which made awesome hats, and something that I like the most are hats with the strong brim. And these hats are just amazing, made of 100% Australian wool, and fits perfectly. I made an order instantly and I didn't disappointed, the hats are so great that I want the whole collection. 

N A K E D C A S H M E R E .

ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2016.

Kate Moss is the star of the new online brand Naked Cashmere. 

Naked Cashmere will launch their online shop at the 1st of the September and they will offering   natural luxury for a unnatural prices. 
The thing is that Bruce and Leslie Gifford are selling cashmere for over 20 years now and they had a brand 360Cashmere , but now they want to offer something new. 
This new brand will send to you purchased item directly from the factory and only online, so they want to offer the best price also.
 If you're cashmere lover these are awesome news. And when the brand ambassador name is Kate Moss , and the campaign photographer is Peter Lindbergh what's more stopping you from sign to their page www.nakedcashmere.com  to be updated once they launch online shop. 


subota, 20. kolovoza 2016.

Great pieces are coming from H&M 's new collection called Urban Flair.   
Maxi dresses, leather pants, oversized shirts, wool coats, blouses, denim jackets and cashmere sweaters are autumn statement pieces key note. 
This collection is for all that urban girls who are in hurry every day but wants to look great. 

I have a few favorites from this collection like a red dress, ribbed jumpers, leather pants and not the mention that simple black and white tees. I also made order for some of them and you'll see it in some of my upcoming posts,  so be sure to follow  me  - Bloglovin and Instagram - to stay informed . 
While we are all waiting for this collection to hit the streets , check all of this lookbook pictures and tell me your favorites. 


210. Mum jeans.

četvrtak, 18. kolovoza 2016.

jeans/ZARA -here     heels/ZARA     bag/ZARA -here     tee/H&M Men's department + DIY

I had a love - hate relationship with this model of a jeans, but I decided to buy it last month. This is a model that I really hated when I was a child , and now with it's big comeback I actually love how it looks with some outfits. Something that I really like is comfort and high waist but I especially like the thing that wearing this mom jeans model with a simple tee makes your outfit looks great. And that's the thing that works great when you're in hurry but you want to look a bit dapper but not too much at the same time. 


209. Levis 501 shorts.

utorak, 16. kolovoza 2016.

boots/ZARA       shorts/LEVIS vintage    bag/ZARA      top/ZARA  

Maybe you 've seen me in shorts in a 3-4 posts and I 've always wear the same. That's because I don't have any other . The story is simple I didn't found one that fits me how I want. 
And I was searching for a vintage Levis almost a two years and I've  finally got them at the Asos Marketplace. So it's kinda difficult to order when you actually don't know what are you ordering , but I decide to take a risk , and it ended great. I have shorts that looks great and fits perfectly. 
Today I wear this Levis 501 with an old sequined top from Zara , and with my favorite boots because this morning was a bit chilly . What do you think?