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Well, well, the spring days are almost here, and what's better than sunny days running in your new shoes. 
I made a list of classic shoes that you can wear from day to night, for work or parties. 
When I say classic I mean leopard stilettos or flats, nude pumps, gold  and red sandals  and for  the colder nights there are  a  perfect overknees. Because why spending your time in boring shoes? The right shoes  can quickly make your outfit looks like a million dollar.

FSJ or Funny she jill is a shoe brand with the international fashion and attractive prices. Launched in 1998, FSJ provides a complete assortment of FSJ merchandise to clients in the United States and internationally. With the prices, high quality design, and fearless cut FSJ enjoys good reputation among the society. 

Shipping from FSJ is via DHL , and usually takes 3- 7 days including proccesing time.
You can pay your order via Paypal, credit cards , and be sure that everything will be safe and secure. Like informations about you also, all of them are strictly confidential and proteccted  by SSD certified web site through the industry's most powerful encryption VeriSign .
So there's no worry just enjoying in your shopping .

If you're have some questions about sizes , colours , styles and anything else there's always support center where you can ask your question and get the answer . 
Whether you are calling them or mailing , the kind customer service will answered to your questions with pleasure .

There are a lot of shoe styles on FSJ like leopard print shoes , striper shoes or stiletto shoes for every person and every taste. 
If you're asking me I'm always for stilettos .

But here is what they say about how to choose the right shoes:
'There are so many kinds of heels like stiletto heels , chunky heels and so on . To be a queen , you are suggested to choose stiletto heels, for highlighting your female temperament , while if you want to be pretty and cute , chunky heels may be the best choice for you . What 's more , if you extremely pay attention to the comfort , the flat heels is fit for you .

And there 's nothing else left to say beside that it 's always the perfect time to buy a new shoes .

To stay updated with FSJ shoes be sure to follow on  the Facebook – here ,  and Instagram – here .

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