BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: Aura all year bronze


It's been a while since my latest  beauty post here. And I know that I've been told you that I will post once a week a beauty post,  well a lot of things happened and still are happening to me , so I'm in the lack of time. 
Now , today I want to talk about this Aura bronzing powder. 

When we talk about make up ,I'm a real amateur but when I saw this bronzing powder I decide to buy it and find out how to use it. 
I actually using this powder every day for contouring my face because it's easier than with a contour palette if you don't want to lose a lot of time for doing your make up in the morning. 
I'm really satisfied with it and would recommend it if you ever find Aura cosmetics in your store. 
What's the more important is that you can use it for your face and body and it will stay all day.
The price for this bronzing powder is about 70 kn or 10 euros.

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