N A K E D C A S H M E R E .

Kate Moss is the star of the new online brand Naked Cashmere. 

Naked Cashmere will launch their online shop at the 1st of the September and they will offering   natural luxury for a unnatural prices. 
The thing is that Bruce and Leslie Gifford are selling cashmere for over 20 years now and they had a brand 360Cashmere , but now they want to offer something new. 
This new brand will send to you purchased item directly from the factory and only online, so they want to offer the best price also.
 If you're cashmere lover these are awesome news. And when the brand ambassador name is Kate Moss , and the campaign photographer is Peter Lindbergh what's more stopping you from sign to their page www.nakedcashmere.com  to be updated once they launch online shop. 

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