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I have way to many shoes, said no woman ever. And I can agree to that. 

How about party shoes, party sandals?

 All that glitter and gold?

The woman can never have too many shoes if you ask me, and while the summer goes to ending, well hello here comes a new season, an autumn, perfect for new shoes.

I find my three options from Up2Step online store, and as you can see the first ones are these silver sandals with the black sole. How cool are they? I can imagine wearing them with a simple outfit, some black dress with open back, or off the shoulder white dress. There are so many options and with shoes like this you can never go wrong. 


The second option is these padded two strap sandals in must have colors. I would pick white or green ones. They are great and wearable for so many reasons, no matter if you wear a skirt or jeans they always gives higher level to your outfit

And in these sandals you can spend the day, from early morning coffee to late night cocktails. 

One more power sandals I've got my eye on are these black ones with gold details. I can't imagine how cool they look on feet. 

There are no words needed for this type of shoes. Just put them on and sky is the limit. 

Wear them with silk dresses, or leather trousers and black cami top, they will make you feel like a million dollars. 

And for those who think that they have too many sandals in their collection, I would like to remind  that Up2Step had an amazing boot collection. Is there anything sexier than Pleaser boots? In the last few years high knee boots have their moment in the fashion world, and become favorite of many women around the world. 

Well, I've got my eye on some models that are breath-taking. But I'll leave it to make your own favorites, no matter if you are searching for ones with the chunky heel or stiletto, there are so many of them so be sure to take a look. 


What they say about?

Up2step hits on the latest trends to seek to the trend-forward shoes much more expensive than their actual price tag, with its a strong range of shoe styles with affordable price and comfortable design. Looking for what kind of shoes fashion girls are wearing now-this is a good place to go-to for both classic and newer shoe, embracing everyone to share and find their own fashion style.

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