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For the first time this year I think about how to stay in a good shape. However the first part of the year wasn't so great, we were all closed in our homes, and if you are more likely to me there wasn't time for exercise just for enjoying in a good food and sweets.   

So now I'm still hoping that I will go seaside next month, but until that I have to prepare my body for beach. Excluding the exercises and running, here are some good tips for how to look good underneath your clothes and have a nice figure. 

Today we are talking about a brand that will help you stay in a good shape no matter are you trying to work out or not.  Shapellx shapewear is the new way to love your body. This brand says that they are helping women to rediscover their inner beauty. They are making comfortable, trendy clothing that allows  their customers to feel their best, all the time. 

Who doesn't want to look pretty and stylish in new dress? I 'm the first one that will look any kind of imperfection on my body, so with this items in my closet I'm sure that every kind of outfit will look as good as need. 

The best part of this online shop is that you have many types of shapewear, so you can decide what exactly you need between shapewear bodysuits, panties, camis, shorts, leggings and many more. 

The item I like the most are those high waisted panties, and I like them in both black or nude version, the ends are invisible so they will keep your body imperfections away no matter are you wearing  slim bodycon dress or trousers. 

If you are more sporty kind of person, or your lifestyle includes training and exercise everyday this will be interesting to you. Shapellx is having the best waist trainer for weight loss and equip yourself with innovative thigh trimmer to support your body. They recommend to take one size down for better and quick results just like in gym. 

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