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Hi guys! 

Today we are talking about some cool accessories for your watches. If you think that your old watch band doesn't look so great anymore, or you have a watch that you don't like because it has an awful band, here is something for you. 

Hemsut is a company with a 10 years of experience in handmade craft genuine leather watch band making. 

They use genuine leather and you can custom-made your initials on it or size up your band if you like. This is a great gift for someone in your family or for friends. 

I would like to draw your attention to another great option, as many of you have smart watches, they offer active 2 watch bands for your Samsung Galaxy smart watch. At Hemsut, their main material is calfskin, Alligator, ostrich hide, top grain leather, nylon and canvas. all materials have special treatment to prevent allergic reactions and all materials are skin touch friendly. 

So why galaxy active 2 bands, maybe because you will have item made specially for you, and because you will invest in something that is really high quality and handmade.  I suggest to take a look to the full range of their products, you will surely be delighted with both the price and the choice. 
Also for the Apple lovers and other smart watch owners, this possibility applies to everyone. 


And what they say about : 

Hemsut watch band was established by Zun Shang Ke JI Guangzhou Limited CO., who has been crafted leather product for nearly 10 years. To deliver high-quality watch bands, some leather artisan stay together and found the company a few years ago. “We do more than production-line process, we love this job and we enjoy to see the complete artwork being like by customer.” one of the leather artisan Alex said.
Today, the Hemsut team has grown to nearly 30 members, our craft develops from handmade to machine-made combination, we can make over 60,000 quality straps in a month, our prduct line has been ranged from leather straps, nylon straps, Canvas Straps to stainless steel straps; various between nato watch band, classical watch band as well as apple watch band. But our misson still remain the same: hit a grand style with your timepieces.

A Few Things We Believes

  •    Product safty is the top priorty.
  •    Product safty is not enough, customers’ experience must be excellent.
  •    Wear a watch is boring, with Hemsut is not.
  •    A timepieces is more than a watch, it expresses who you are .
  •    Hemsut is a thing to be chosed .


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