269. White chunky jacket.

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Hi guys!
So for todays look I decided to pair this new chunky jacket from Yoshop  with mum jeans. 
There 's the thing that I like with this shape of jeans, I don't know what exactly but I like how it looks on me even that I'm a big fan of skinny jeans , and I thought that I  never be able to wear any other type of jeans. 
I really like the thing that you can wear mum jeans with flats on the same way as you can wear them with pumps or ankle boots. And then there goes the high waist also , so you can mix it with cropped tops, sweaters, shirts and your final result will always be awesome. 
I  will searching for more jeans like this, and  will also need to visit some second hand shops for a vintage Levi's 501, I think that this will be  the best purchase ever, of course if I find a pair.

So this chunky jacket came as perfect item for level up this outfit because everything I wore today was basic.  The great thing is  that this jacket is so light that you literary don't know that you wearing it. Really nice item for spring. 

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  1. Predivno izgledaš. Pohvale za post! :)