Coat season @Berrylook

Finally, we step into my favorite season - autumn. And the first thought when you say autumn are coats, or it's just me?
Today I will show first this seasons must have coats. 

This year nothing is as we expected, so be sure that nobody knows what is coming next. One thing that you can always cheer yourself up is shopping, so what's happening with your autumn/winter wardrobe?

You can assume already what are we talking today about - coats. I've been thinking a lot lately what coat should I get for the upcoming colder days, For the past few years I was more interested in oversized, chunky, cozy coats. Shorter versions as well. But this year I think in the direction of classic, timeless pieces. I don't say that I won't wear my old ones, but I need one piece that will look nice everyday, even when you wear your chunky boots or sneakers as much if you wear high heels. 

You have already heard about this online shop that we are talking today. Berrylook is a place where you can find cheap clothes online if you are looking for seasonal or trendy clothes. I don't think that you should spend a lot of money on one-season stuff. So this is great option for all these trendy items.
 But on the other hand here I found very interesting coats which attracted my full attention. Like this pale green or this blue coat. Aren't the pretty? I can imagine so many outfits with these two, and not just for this season. 
This  dark green one is a pure classic and perhaps a great option for some business meeting under which you can wear one of many womens sweaters you can find on Berrylook shop.
But we'll talk about sweaters next time, and in the meantime go and visit Berrylook to find your must have items!

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