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Dresses @Zaful - Wishlist

Hi guys!
Here are some of items I like to most this month. I would like to write about the dresses this time and all of them are coming from Zaful. 
Maybe I don't leave that girly impression to you, but from time to time I love to put myself in pretty dresses and feel more feminine. 
So this month I 'm based on the  dresses you can wear everyday.

We are going to start from  - lace dresses with sleeves . 
Because what's more sensual than lace. And who knows maybe you can find here a perfect Valentine's day dress?
1.                      2.                          3.                       4. 

Next thing are going to be -  long dresses with  sleeves. 
I don't know but I have that thing for long maxi dresses. 

1.              2.            3.             4.  

And as you can supposed  -  midi dresses with  sleeves.
Because they aren't maxi but it looks fabulous with your bare ankles.

1.              2.                3.             4.

Click to the numbers under the pictures for prices and details.

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