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This post will bring back memories  all of you kids from the 90's.
 I'm also one of you, and today when I think about my childhood it looks like thousand years ago, but when you think again it looks like it happened yesterday. 
I feel like a kid today also and to be honest I want to delay growing up as much as it's possible. But we all know that this is mission impossible so it's better if we focus on today's outfit. 

I order this cropped knit from Sammydress, and really didn't know how to wear it. It's cold outside and at the first I wanted to pair it with my leather skirt , but that idea wasn't smart . 
And I was in confusion until this morning. 
I started from a vintage leather jacket upgraded with this cropped knit and high waist jeans . Those  clear lens glasses were the last touch to build this outfit that remembers you to rebel nineties. 

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