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In today post you will see a bunch of photos. 
This is because I was in a really good mood for taking pictures on this cold day. But not only for this , I literary dress up myself in 5 seconds and it feels great. 
I've got this pants from Robert Sever last month and wear them maybe a few times, but I decided to pair them with all black today. And since it is so cold outside I put on my over the knee boots and it works fine when you look this entire outfit .


There's also one more thing I want to mention  you today , and it's  the  jewelry thing.
As you all maybe know already I'm not a person who wears a lot of jewelry. You can see me wearing the same bracelets every day, and it's because I never,  ever put these off. 
I'm kinda person who have an emotional relationship with these items from the very first moment I buy it. 
So, this is the background story from this red bracelet which you could see on my wrist so far. 
I bought this red bracelet three or four years ago and never took off. 
As you can see now, I have new one in red and black color, with gold pendant. All of them are from Amas Bijoux .
I'm a big fan of this simple , tiny and clean jewelry, and Amas Bijoux is just like that and it's handmade. 

You can pick one for you or your best friend, maybe boyfriend or as a gift for Christmas for someone special, and you can be sure that everyone will love it. 
Also Amas Bijoux have a wide range of colors for your bracelets, and not only bracelets which you can check  - here. 

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