230. Cozy mornings.

 faux fur/ZARA    heels/ZARA    sunglasses/RAY BAN    jeans/ZARA    belt/MANGO     ruffled shirt/ROBERT SEVER -here

These autumn mornings are crazy especially if you live by the sea like me,  and everyday is windy with or without rain. This morning was a windy and sunny, so that's why my outfit looks like this. I don't know what to wear to feel comfy. And I'll give you the right to say that I'm crazy for wearing this open sandals and faux fur , but with this temperature you would do the same as me .
I'm also wearing again this Robert Sever white ruffled shirt, but when it's so easy to combine with everything and I can't help myself. I can see so many outfits wearing this shirt , and that's what I do, wear the same thing over and over again. 
I just can't wait for the days to become a bit colder to wear massive and long coats everyday. 

2 komentara:

  1. Odlično izgledaš, fantastična kombinacija, a za ružem umirem :)

    Imamo novi post na navrati :)

    1. Hvala puno !
      Ruž je Aura tekuci Matte, neznam tocno koja nijansa ,ali ga ima u Kozmu za uzeti.


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