Here's a new section of Daily Style Dose named Guest designer. From time to time I will present you a new or well known designers from all over the world. This feature will be specific because I will let designers to talk about themselves by himself.  I would really love that we all give a chance to some of the new names on the scene because there's a plenty of space for everybody. So that this intro does not take too long today I will introduce to you a young jewelry designer, wanderlust and creative soul that gives all of her heart to her jewelry brand called BeYindi. Today she will talk about corals.  I'm sure that we all love corals , so be free to take a look to BeYindi online shop not just for corals, there's a lot of interesting and unique jewelry for every taste. 

Coral earrings

Coral is the best material to create an outstanding jewelry like earrings or rings. In hands of a good designer coral becomes a piece of art, because it has a huge variety of colors and hues and it is comparatively soft.
Corals of all possible colors are 100% natural, they come from the depths of the sea. There are more than 3500 types of corals on the planet of more than 350 colors, but not all of them are suitable to work with. The color varies from white to back, the most valuable are golden and blue corals and the most popular ones are red, pink and white. Black corals are in the Red List. And white corals with pink inclusions are called the skin of an angel.
Corals have only 3.5 points on Moos scratch hardness scale, which means they are quite soft and easy to work with, but on the other hand quite fragile and need special care.
Despite the fact that corals are not very expensive there is huge amount of fake coral fashion jewelry, when instead of coral they use colored plastic.

How to wear coral earrings

Coral earrings match almost any outfit if chosen properly. For example long threader earrings with coral are perfect to jazz up casual look.

                                                                                                                                        Simple stud earrings with black, grey or dark red corals suit any office dress code, as they are very elegant and do not attract too much attention.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For a date or a party choose bright red and pink corals. With low neckline – middle size coral earrings, for an evening gown – bigger size coral earrings.

How to mix and match coral earrings

Pink and red corals match any sole colored rings – silver, gold, wooden or resin. It’s better if the ring would have something in common with the earrings such as shape or style.
If you wish to wear a necklace with you coral earrings make sure they match in size and that the necklace is a sole colored simple one. If the earrings are middle size or more try to avoid any pendants on the necklace. With elegant coral stud earrings a small pendant would be fine, just make sure it is plain silver or gold.
The same with the bracelets – only simple, matching in size, shape and sole colored items.
It is not recommended to wear corals with other colored gemstones, pearls or crystals. It is also not recommended to wear the whole coral kit all at the same time – earrings plus ring plus bracelet. If this is something elegant and simple the combination of the coral ring and coral earrings might be fine - or the ring and the pendant. Otherwise save those items for later.
Coral and silver is a perfect match – precious shiny metal accentuates the softness and warmness of natural coral. It is not quite common though to use gold and coral but it could be a great combination too.

Suggested place to buy coral earrings

Coral earrings take a big part of silver earrings collection at BeYindi.com – a startup project developed by Natalie Pro. It is an online silver jewelry store with unique handmade jewelry with gemstones, pearls, corals and other natural elements. The project was created during travelling in SouthEast Asia and grew up into a small running business. The main idea of BeYindi, where Yindi means «happy» in Thai language – to remind the wearer of small simple things that really make us happy, to stop for a second to admire the sunset or the morning dew, to not forget to enjoy life and be happy.

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